Greatest Stories: The song that goes around the world

Bobby McFerrin, The Boss Hoss, Paul Young and Sergio Mendes are all Red Cross volunteers! Together, 30 international stars recorded the song “The Greatest Stories are Never Told” – as a tribute and a musical expression of thanks to the millions of Red Cross volunteers all over the world.

A song that sticks in your head, lyrics that give you the creeps, a cooperative effort intended to make the world a better place.

As true volunteers, the celebrities charged no fee, contributing their work as an investment in a better world. The net proceeds from the sale of the CD will be used to support the operations of the Red Cross.

After its world premiere in Vienna, the song is now being launched internationally.


Greatest Stories: Told by Red Cross volunteers from all over the world

Tony St. Germain, Sara Klevmar, Eva Moszt, Fowza, Gauhy Medard and Henry Dunant - in their day-by-day activities Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers contribute to making the world a better place.

This charity project is dedicated to their passion, humanity and spirit.