Greatest Stories
Paul Young
"You know that these people are working hard to help the unfortunate people out that live in those areas."
Gavin DeGraw

"It really goes to the root of what the Red Cross stands for which is about helping people all over the world who got this as the extent of their needs."

Sara Klevmar

“The girl is covered with a blue piece of cotton cloth with small dots. The seam along the edge is torn and muddy. She is dead. Her mother is sitting further away. She tells me the news. I wish she could tell the world.” Sara Klevmar worked as a psychosocial supporter after the floods in Pakistan.
(Olivier Matthys/IFRC)

Tony St Germain

I like helping others. I want to help those who can’t help themselves. In the days after the earthquake, I took my first-aid kit and literally walked the streets to help people who couldn’t get to the clinics.”
Tony St Germain leads a team of 12 Red Cross hygiene promoters in Haiti.

Éva Moszt

“I never thought things could get this bad, but they did. These facilities are an attempt to find a solution to the major problem of homelessness in Hungary, but, most of all, an attempt to prevent vulnerable people from entering the endless loop of poverty.” Éva Moszt is providing shelter the homeless with the Hungarian Red Cross.

Gauhy Medard
“Look at the conditions people are living in. Every year we have an outbreak of some kind. Last time it was cholera. This year it’s polio. But now to fight polio, people don’t really understand the importance of being vaccinated, so we need to go door-to-door to convince communities.”
Gauhy Medard, a volunteer in Point Noire/Congo.
Margret Al Ra’i
"I am very happy that we have managed to take these children out of their isolation and make them more open and tolerant with other people. Now, they can express their feelings and needs openly and without hesitation.”
Margret Al Ra’i, a psychosocial worker at the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS), brings joy and hope to orphaned children.
“I need to give something back to the community and being a Red Cross volunteer has given me the opportunity to help others who were in the same situation I was in,” says Fowza a Tsunami victim who turned into a volunteer for the Red Cross
Mickey Thomas
"I would like for everyone around the world to know and appreciate the Red Cross as much as I did when I was just a little child."
Sergio Mendes
"I support this project because the Red Cross is maybe the biggest humanitarian project in the world."
“The moral sense of the importance of human life; the humane desire to lighten a little the torments, or restore shattered courage; the furious and relentless activity which a man
summons up at such moments: all these combine to create a kind of energy which gives one a positive craving to relieve as many as one can.”
Olivier Matthys
"To be part of this is something I am really proud of. Although we are here only for a little while, it means a lot for the children that they are allowed to be children.” Olivier Matthys worked with children in Pakistan after the floods.
Julian Rachlin

“It is the most natural thing to do. I feel honoured, and I am proud of having contributed to the song. “And we all know what it means to not live on the bright side of life””.

Go West
"I just want to say, you know, obviously you are doing a fantastic job - keep it up. What would we do without you?"
Matt Sorum
"Hi, Matt Sorum from Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver. I’m doing it – just because!"
The Commodores
"You know, you see this Red Cross in time of the emergency and those situations that no one really wants to be in. Who is there? The largest organization in the world."
Dave Koz
"Thank god for you folks, keep up the great work and thank you so much."
Wang Chung
"Everybody Red Cross tonight"
Leon DeWinter
"The Red Cross means that there is a worldwide organization that really follows this one essential truth on earth; when you save one human being you save all of mankind. And that is the ultimate active civilisation."
Gracinha Leporace
"I’m very proud of being part of this project also because I think they do an enormously beautiful work all over the world."
Michael Schumacher
"I wanna send all my wishes to everybody that has been active through all these years."
Peter Wolf
Bobby McFerrin
Salif Keita

Christoph Waltz
Siedah Garrett

Jens Lindemann
Vinnie Colaiuta

Erika Heynatz
Alphonso Johnson

Steve Lukather
Michelle Wolf